• - Downloadable DIY 3D Papercraft Templates -
  • - Downloadable DIY 3D Papercraft Templates -

[BUNDLE OFFER] 6 x DIY 3D Papercraft Templates (PDF Kit) © GoPaperCraft

[BUNDLE] 6 x DIY 3D Papercraft Templates (PDF Kit) © GoPaperCraft

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Create your own beautiful paper sculptures! Aesthetically designed to be an awesome decor for your living space, these models are everything an animal lover want in a paper sculpture. Upon your purchase, simply download and print the template on paper, cut out guided parts and glue them together. Hurry, as our cute little friends are eagerly awaiting for your adoption!


Bundle Offer DIY PDF papercraft templates


Your purchase consists of digital PDF templates of the 3D models for printing on paper and clear step-by-step instructions for assembling the model (there are no parcels sent by Post). You will get instant access to this PDF template, which will be delivered to you online via email, usually within a few minutes after payment is confirmed. 




Colored Templates (*Cat model does not contain colored templates)

No-Fill Templates


Equipment Required:

Printer B&W/Color (Ideally one can print at least 200GSM/Cardstock)

A4 Colored Paper (Recommended at least 200 GSM for templates)

A4 Plain Paper (*If you do not have colored paper, print with colored ink instead)

Scissors (Recommended) / Metal Ruler

Glue (For Attaching Parts)

Ruler (For Folding)

Tweezers (Optional, For Small Details)


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